DIY windshield repair

If you’re thinking about repairing your windshield, you will save yourself a lot of hassle by reading this article first. Here are some tips about how to fix your car’s windscreen without a technician’s help.

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Tools and repair time

You may buy kits that include everything you need to do the repair. It should not take you longer than an hour to fix the cracked windshield. But before you start, make sure you wear latex gloves to keep the resin from coming into contact with your hands. Don’t forget to protect your vehicle’s body by placing a roll of paper towels near the wipers and keep a bottle of glass cleaner on hand.

The first step is to park the car away from direct sunlight as the windscreen must not be hot to the touch. Pick a spot with shade nearby before carrying out your repair. Assess the extent of crack or chip first. Even if it’s not completely visible, it is still a good idea to try and repair it right away. Rain will find its way into the chip and as a result, moisture can damage the inner membrane of glass.

When to call the professionals

Assuming that the windscreen chip is repairable in the first place, you should try and fix it as soon as possible. However, not all chips can be repaired and your DIY work may still leave a visible flaw. If the chip cannot be sealed from the atmosphere, it will eventually grow larger or even discolour in the future.

Large cracks cannot be fixed so it is critical to fill the chips before they turn into cracks. Chips are only on the surface of the glass and can be repaired using simple kits. But if you are not too certain about how to fix the chip yourself, take the car to the nearest auto glass specialists before the problem turns into a bigger one.