Methods for Repairing Small Dents in your Car

If you’ve noticed a small dent in your car’s bodywork, there are various ways you can solve this problem easily. Depending on the location of the damage, some of the following methods for dent removal may be more ideal than others.

Using a Plunger

The simplest way to pop a dent back into its original position is by using a common household plunger. Try these steps for a quick solution.

  • Take a little petroleum jelly and apply it to the rim of your plunger
  • Place the plunger over the affected area and push inwards gently
  • Then, pull outwards rapidly to create enough force to pop the dent back in place

Heat the Affected Area

Another method that requires a common household appliance is the hair dryer method.

  • Using a hair dryer positioned 6-inches from the paint, heat the surrounding surface of the affected area (you can lay down aluminium foil if you’d like extra protection)
  • After heating the area sufficiently, use dry ice to cool the surface and the rapid change in temperature will pop the dent out.

Straight to Dry Ice

You could also try skipping the hairdryer stage and go straight to applying the dry ice.

  • With a pair of protective gloves, take a piece of dry ice and hold it in the centre of the dent for up to a minute.
  • During the time holding the dry ice, the temperature difference may be enough to pop the dent out.

Working the Inside

For a different tactic, why not try approaching the problem from the underside of the body.

  • Find a way to get good access to the paintless side of the affected area (on car doors, the gap to accommodate the window is ideal)
  • Once you have access, carefully push the dent outwards using a paintless dent removal tool or metalworking hammer.

Drilling & Pulling

Similar to the plunger method, you can force the dent outwards using a pulling tool.

  • Using your drill, create a hole small enough to fit your dent-puller tool
  • Push the pulling tool into the hole and pull outwards evenly
  • To fix any remaining irregularities, access the other side of the area and even out the rest of the dent gently.
  • Fill in the hole using a small amount of body filler, and even over the area.
  • With wet 1500-grit sandpaper, smoothen the newly-filled area before applying touch-up paint.
  • Lastly, take a piece of 2000-grip sandpaper, wet it and work over the new paint.